Atmos RAW Vaporizer

The Atmos RAW Vaporizer is a new discreet, portable vaporizer manufactured by Atmos Technology in the United States.

This vaporizer is about the size of a magic marker. It is about 5 inches high and only half an inch in diameter. Don’t be fooled by its’ size, the Atmos RAW vaporizer is packed full of features such as a ceramic heating element and chamber, organic mouthpiece, a two part filtration system and automatic Shut-Off.

The Atmos RAW vaporizer is run off of an Ion-Lithium battery. After a full charge of about 2 hours the battery is capable of providing 72 hours of constant use.

With all of these features compacted into such a small vaporizer the Atmos RAW is one of the best vaporizers availabel today.

Atmos Raw Includes:
The Atmos Raw kit includes everything you need for the ultimate in portable vaporization:

1Pc. AtmosRAW Battery
1Pc. Ceramic Heating Chamber;
1Pc. Spring
1Pc. Mesh Filter
1 Pc. Chamber Connector
1 Pc. Ceramic Filter
1 Pc. Rubber Mouthpiece
1 Pc. Cleaning Brush Tool
1 Pc. Packing Tool
1 Pc. Wall Adapter
1 Pc. USB Charger
1 Pc. User Guide

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