Best Budget Vaporizer

As the market for vaporizers grows, so do the companies that have the greatest ability to produce the best budget vaporizers. Arizer is an industry leader with their multifunctional Arizer Extreme Q dry herb vaporizer. For an all-in-one herbal vape, the Extreme Q may not have the same mega-blower capacity as a Volcano vaporizer, or the steady controlled draw of a Vapor Brothers but it provides users with a solid contender for value that accommodates all user preferences with a rich feature set.
The vaporizer itself is considered to be the best budget vaporizer because it allows you to use both a whip style and a bag (or balloon) style of inhaling the vapor. The Arizer Extreme has grown over the past year to be a personal favorite of many vaporizer users. People have said that it is by far the best vaporizer on the market and is easiest to use with the greatest value to function ratio (our own opinions vary slightly). Even those who’ve gone through several vaporizer units in the past still say that none of them can match up to what the Extreme Q vape does for the cost on vape shops.

The Extreme Q performs well enough heats up to high temperatures in a comparable fashion to other leading whip- or balloon- only vaporizers. It may seem a little complicated at first with all the accessories and pieces you get with your package, but once you figure it out and do a little research, watch a video or two online, you’ll figure it out – and come to your own conclusions. It’s recommended that you run the Extreme Q vaporizer for a minimum of 30 minutes to start so that the fan can cycle on and off a few times. And, using a vaporizer actually helps you conserve your herb – up to five times more efficient than smoking.


While the Volcano vaporizer might be quicker to inflate (it comes with a super-charged fan for optimal convection) it’s possible to get some decent vapor quality at a fraction of the price with the Arizer Extreme Q. We’ve found it online for as low as $149.99

We encourage would-be buyers to do their homework and compare Arizer’s Extreme Q, and share your thoughts on performance. The Extreme Q will give you the most options for the cost with the benefits of multifunction vaporizers with balloon- and whip- options, as well as a few extra than competing models. A great starter vape, and a well-supported product that continues to prove itself the best budget vaporizer on the market.

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