Herbalizer Vapor Quality and Consistency

We have had a spectrum of experiences using any other herbal vaporizer. Some days are forgotten (good days 😉 , some days the chamber gets clogged (bad days), some days the blower stops working (pissed off days), and some days the heating element is just too inconsistent to get good vapor quality (might as well be smoking days for this cannabis vaporizer). The Volcano vaporizer gave us consistent results, but inefficient performance. The Herbalizer makes no sacrifices and gives the user a consistently repeatable experience, every time. Beyond the performance of this cannabis vaporizer, we found consistency in results testing across different strains of cannabis, too. While we know that cannabinoid content varies from strain to strain, the ability to effectively target and control the range of effects from vaporizing is what makes us true believers with this digital vaporizer.

Perfect Vapor Quality
It’s all about the vapor quality. Vapor quality is where you can tell whether or not a vaporizer is good, bad or ugly. We’ve detailed the importance of true temperature control, and how that impacts volatilization. Imprecise temperature control ‘muddies’ vapor quality by having too large a margin of temp variation and volatilizes a variety of compounds together. Read: instead of a clean high, you get a sluggish, shapeless high that doesn’t really let you control your experience.

Vapor quality is a gradient that can be light, medium or dense and the intensity of the effects vary accordingly. In addition to vapor quality, other notable sources discuss “vapor signature” as a component of individual model vaporizers’ contribution to vapor taste or texture.

Consistent Vapor Quality Delivery
The Herbalizer’s temperature range is from 290 to 445° F. The Herbalizer categorizes the ranges within which you can achieve certain degrees of vapor quality to help guide your experience: Uplifting, Balanced and Intense. As a guide, the temperature ranges are broken down into three categories:

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Uplifting: 290 – 329° F

Balanced: 330 – 389° F

Intense: 390 – 445° F

These ranges “coincidentally” mirror the boiling point ranges for the major cannabinoids: CBN, CBD and THC.

We can nitpick their choice of lingo, but it isn’t altogether incorrect. Depending on what you are vaping, these categories represent a gradient of vapor quality/vapor density that will absolutely vary from Uplifting to Intense. The potency of the vapor quality can be dialed in according to the temperature.

The Herbalizer’s in-air temperature monitoring and quick heating/cooling responsiveness allow for precision temperature control and maintenance, which result in precise herbal extractions.

Repeatable Effects
We took a look at the claims made on the Herbalizer’s web site before beginning our own tests. It seemed simple enough to debunk the manufacturer’s claims by re-creating their examples and, well, they aren’t lying. You can achieve consistently repeatable vapor quality results – every time.

The strict temperature maintenance, the ease of use, the fast heat up/cool down and the negligible temperature variation gave us a reliably consistent experience. As the most reliable herbal vaporizer we’ve tested, the Herbalizer has really opened the doors to experimenting and medicating to treat ailments and symptoms, as much as for recreational use.

The herbology that can be applied through the Herbalizer’s precision is very exciting to us. Using medicinal herbs in a new, concentrated and instant delivery method that is exact in its extraction means we can put more faith in our herb garden than in our medicine cabinet.

In the immortal words of Stephen Colbert ,“Tip of the hat” Herbalizer.

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