Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is simply the best.

The Magic Flight Launch Box’s super small size, efficiency and effectiveness make it a great vaporizer for anybody.

The vape pens it’s one of the best alternatives to smoking and a competitive vaping product.

The Magic Flight is so easy to use you simply load the unit with your favorite finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; it heats up in about 5 seconds providing you with instant vapor. You can reload it several times without having to change the battery. Even the wind is no match for the Magic Flight. This vaporizer is so small, fast and odorless that it can be used virtually anywhere.

The Magic Flight Launch Box Comes With:

Magic Flight Launch Box2x Rechargeable Batteries with Caps
1x Magic Flight Launch Box
1x Dual Battery Charger
1x Magic Flight Tin Case
1x Soft Carry Bag
1x Cleaning Tools
1X User Guide
1X Quick Start Guide

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