Marijuana is a Neuroprotectant

I’m proud that we were able to discover that cannabis has such potential but when I look at the approach that we are taking to how this plant is treated I am actually dumbfounded and not in a positive way.
Early in the 1900’s there were studies done by activist organizations that showed that more cannabinoids are present in the cannabis plant than were previously believed to be in there. More research was done and published in 1998 a research showed that these additional compounds had an effect on neurotransmission. Our government must have come across the information and I believe this is what caused them to file the patent in October of 2003. They have realized that cannabinoids can truly have a number of beneficial responses and desired effects in the body. The results are better different when are used portable vaporizers.

Cannabis is a very bioactive plant and contains over 430 estimated active compounds that all cork on different receptors in our bodies to produce reactions throughout. I would say cannabis is like a system of fuses that are coded to react with different parts of the body and providing a varied amount of different types of effects.

It was found that some of the cannabinoids even work as antioxidants by preventing the breakdown of cells from exposure to oxygen in the brain. This is very important since some of our tissue is already damaged and at risk for degradation just by course of how nature occurs. Cannabidiol was found to be an antioxidant as well as a neuroprotectant that protects the brain tissue from additional trauma.

It is common knowledge that the FDA has approved synthetic polymers that act in the same way but we are still being puritanical in our approach at researching marijuana. I don’t know about any one that has died because they grew or used marijuana. So we need to start looking more at other factors and not just natural vs. synthetic.


Marijuana is a NeuroprotectantWith advances in the technology of vaporization persons can now unlock the benefits of cannabis without all the bad toxin by products that are created because of smoking. Vaporizers also allow for a better way to study how the different compounds boil off at different temperatures. The FDA has used the Volcano vaporizer in two of their studies and the Volcano has been approved by the FDA specifically for the delivery of THC. . With vaporization we have the possibility of safely isolating and delivering the different cannabinoids in marijuana so each individual can be treated specifically with the use of medical marijuana. And with vaporizers this can all be done without the need for extracting or synthesizing by pharmacological companies.

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