Rechargeable Vapir Vaporizer Classic

Rechargeable Classic Vapir Vaporizer Introduction
After the initial launch of the best portable vape Rechargeable Vapir Classic Vaporizer in 2002, this set has undergone many up grades since then. But one thing can be said about this product that it is one of the best battery operated vaporizers on the market if you buy vape online.

Rechargeable Vapir Classic Vaporizer includes:
1 pc. Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer Unit
3 pc. Empty Herbs Discs
1 pc. Mystic Potion Aromatic Herb Disks
1 pc. 15″ TrancePorter Tube
1 pc. X-Tip Mouthpiece
1 pc. Plastic Tweezers
1 pc. Power Cord World Adapter
1 pc. Instructional Audio CD
1 pc. Vapir Warranty Card
1 pc. Instruction Manual
Technology of the dry herb vape pen, Rechargeable Vapir Classic Vaporizer
The Vapir Rechargeable Vaporizer is made with the very latest technology and its crystal ceramic heating element is truly amazing. The Herb Discs for the Rechargeable Vaporizer has made it totally error proof and you.

Vapir also has 3 other Vaporizers on the market today and all use that same Herb Disc. You will also get your desired temperature from the supercharged engine of this new Rechargeable Vapir Vaporizer.

Rechargeable Vapir Vaporizer Classic

Another big advantage of using this Rechargeable Vapir Vaporizer is that here you get your desired temperature both in Celsius & Fahrenheit. You never need to worry about the usage of this product as you would be getting an instructional DVD with every Rechargeable Vapir Classic Vaporizer.

World Adapter on the Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer
You can run your Rechargeable Vaporizer anywhere in the World because it comes with a World Adapter that is suitable for 100v-240v. So your Vaporizer will work wherever you are isn’t that great?

Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer Internal Battery
Lithium-Ion Battery with the Rechargeable Classic Vaporizer is something that will make it best among the other Vaporizers. It actually gives you 30 minutes of Vapor time.

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