Vapir Magnetic Filter System

Vapir Magnetic Filter System Introduction
This magnetic system was introduced by Vapir Vaporizers (marketed under the name AIR-2 or Vapir Inc.) during the early phases of 2005.

Vapir Magnetic Filter System Harm Reduction
This magnetic filter is a premium quality filter system available in the market today.

This system is characterized by the presence of magnetic rows that undergoes reverse polarity and helps to capture around 50% extra toxins related to combustion.

Vapir Magnetic Filter SystemVapir Magnetic Filter System Usage
This magnetic filter also enables the user to position their already rolled cigarette inside the system and then smoke using the filter.

Vapir Magnetic Filter System Portability
The Vapirs magnetic system helps to reduce damages to a great extent, is portable and most interestingly is available for a very reasonable price in the market.

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